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What We Do

Construction Cash Flow Optimization

  • Convert project budget to project cash flow
  • Forward plan your construction cash flow
  • Receive Your Money On Time
  • Manage Your Bills
  • Construction Project Financing
  • Testing Different Scenarios

Project Profit Maximization

  • Understand Your True Margin
  • Monthly Project Financial Performance Review
  • Project Risk Mitigation
  • Variation Management
  • Pricing System
  • Hold your project team accountable to deliver the desired result
  • Distressed project management

Construction Tax Management

  • Tax Effective Business Structures
  • ATO/SRO negotiation
  • Construction Tax Planning
  • Safe harbour for tax debts

Book Keeping
Construction Bookkeeping

  • Tracking Your Project Cost
  • Identify Suspicious Transactions
  • Construction Payroll Management
  • Cost-effective Construction Bookkeeping
  • Streamline construction payment management
  • Supplier accounts reconciliation

Who We Are

With 15 years experience working with construction business, Victor set up the business back in 2017. Since then, he is on a mission to help every construction business he touch to maximize profit margin and optimize cash flow.

The key areas Victor specialized in including:

  • Construction cashflow strategy
  • Construction profit maximization
  • Project risk mitigation
  • Property tax minimization
  • Tax effective investment strategy
  • Assets protection strategy


The level of attention and care given by Victor is second to none. In addition to knowing our cashflow position is constantly improving we also have peace of mind knowing that we have a plan for all possible scenarios that could occur. I cannot speak highly enough about the amount of stress relief and confidence this has brought to the business.

Andrew Michael

Director, PHM Total Electrical Solutions.

Over the 5 years of running my business, I have worked with a number of accountants. They all were professional and provided services as agreed. However, none of them showed any interest in learning more about us, to understand better our needs and to be able to advise us accordingly.

Camilia Novotna

CEO, Ecokit.

I first engaged Victor when I started my business a year ago. In that time, Victor has consistently provided me with excellent advice and guidance. He answers queries in a timely manner and he is always available for a chat over the phone and meets in person when required.

Chris Aldunate

Managing Director, McKinna Project Solutions.

We here at North South Homes have been working closely alongside Victor and his team at Tax Ezi for the past 18 months. Victor has supported us from an accounting/finance perspective as we continue to grow our business. Victor’s knowledge of the construction industry has been extremely valuable in his ability to understand what we are trying to achieve both now and into the future.

Wade Bashaw

Director, North South Homes.

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