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Construction Cash Flow Optimization

We will work together with you and come up with a forward plan for your cash flow to ensure that your business and project will run smoothly.

The service includes:

  • Convert project budget to project cash flow
  • Forward plan your construction cash flow
  • Receive Your Money On Time
  • Manage Your Bills
  • Construction Project Financing
  • Testing Different Scenario
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Business Cash Flow Optimization
Project Profit Maximization

Project Profit Maximization

We help you to maximize your profit for each project you undertake

The service includes:

  • Understand Your True Margin
  • Monthly Project Financial Performance Review
  • Project Risk Mitigation
  • Variation Management
  • Pricing System
  • Hold your project team accountable to deliver the desired result
  • Distressed project management

Construction Tax Management

We work together with you to enable your company to have a tax effective operations.

The service includes:

  • Tax Effective Business Structures
  • ATO/SRO negotiation
  • Construction Tax Planning
  • Safe harbour for tax debts

Construction Bookkeeping

We will manage the book of your business to give you a peace of mind knowing your operations are running smoothly.

The service includes:

  • Tracking Your Project Cost
  • Identify Suspicious Transactions
  • Construction Payroll Management
  • Cost-effective Construction Bookkeeping
  • Streamline construction payment management
  • Supplier accounts reconciliation

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